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About South West Drone Images
(More than just drone shots!)

South West Drone Images was established in 2017. Rob, the owner of the business had always had a keen passion for photography and video work and decided to buy a drone and start making local films for friends and local organisations. It soon became clear that there was a demand for his work and he decided to take things more seriously and trained to get his permissions for commercial operations (PfCO) now called Operations Authorisation.

From there things progressed quickly with lots of requests for films. With more clients asking for ground based shots included in their films the company decided to purchase more videography and audio equipment to broaden its offer of production work.

Now the company carries out all pre production, filming, editing and post production work for its clients. It can offer fully licensed  music, interviews and voiceovers as part of its packages and is fully insured. Whether it's a promotional film, an explainer video, a celebration of an event or a survey of property or land, South West Drone Images can offer a full package of creative and attractive solutions to bring your story to life.

If you'd like to learn more please get in touch. We'd love to hear from you.

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