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Aerial imagery and more...


Creating the right impression is essential for all businesses and places of public interest. Adding the benefit of aerial photography and video images will give people a truly stunning impression of your location and show off your organisation to its full potential.

Video Productions

Whether it's promoting your company, selling a service or celebrating an event, capturing what makes you special through video, shares more with your clients about what you offer. We can help to show what your business or organisation is all about with outstanding photographs and videography. 

Aerial Analysis

Surveying and checking for structural issues often requires expensive scaffolding and time to carry out inspections. South West Drone Images will bring you the information that will support problem diagnosis, downloaded for you on the day of the shoot at a fraction of the cost.

South West Drone Images works across the South West of the UK and beyond with a wide range of clients.

We are passionate about creating high impact imagery for all occasions offering a product tailored directly to your needs whether that's a family wedding, promotion of your property or business  or visual aerial analysis.

From start to finish South West Drone Images will plan, develop and deliver the product you need. Aerial footage, ground based filming, interviews, testimonials all edited into a high quality video product to promote your organisation. 

South West Drone Images complies with all Civil Aviation Authority approved operating procedures and has full permission and insurance to fly commercial operations including night flights.


To find out more of the services we have to offer call 07740 287531 or get in touch via the contact page.

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